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A road trip is one of the cheapest holidays you can take, and hotels on the Las Vegas Strip cost just $50 a night. If you are coming from or visiting the Grand Canyon, be sure to read our article about it, where we tell you all about our trip and the great things about it. We hope you enjoyed this article and, more importantly, that you learn to include Kingman, Arizona, in your list of places you will visit next time you visit. Here are some good things to do, see and do, not only in Kingmen but also in the rest of Arizona as well.

From there, we continue west on Route 66, the only stretch of Mother Road in Arizona that has a state route designation. Once you reach Route 66 in Flagstaff, you can team up with the Arizona State Highway Patrol and the Arizona Department of Public Safety to make your way 147 miles from Arizona roads to Kingman.

Somewhere along the route, you can see the cliffs of the Grand Canyon in the north. On the way down the valley you will reach the Grand Canyon Caverns, considered the largest dry cave in America, from where you can visit it. At milestone 115 of Seligman you will find the entrance to this road, and from there it is only a few kilometers to Kingman.

Numerous attractions and sights are located at every stop, from natural limestone caves to ruins, and between stops. The museum is one of the many attractions as Kingman, like other nearby towns, has a Historic Walking Tour that includes a number of historic sites such as the Grand Canyon Caverns and the Old City Museum.

A variety of other attractions are nearby to help spectators in Kingman see and experience Route 66. The Powerhouse of Arizona and the Route 66 Museum have proven that they can attract audiences and they see how much more there is to do in the area, even outside of Kingman itself. There is nothing like learning and understanding the history of Route 66 and traversing it to experience the real thing. Nowhere is this combination more pronounced than in Kingsman and today's Historic Route-66 , it shows how these things can merge together in a particularly powerful way.

For lovers of Route 66, Kingman is a living tribute to Mother Road, but there's also a great route to explore.

The West End of the Grand Canyon is in Kingman, where you can fly by helicopter to the bottom of the canyon or take a walk along the new SkyWalk that stretches across the canyon. There is also a horseshoe-shaped cantilevered bridge over the gorge, which is a popular tourist stop. A short drive north of Chloride, AZ, visitors will find the almost ghost town of Oatman Arizona.

To the west is Oatman Road to Cool Springs, and to the east is a gas station - which has turned into a museum. There are some really cool murals depicting historic Flagstaff and Route 66, but they are not a big center of the city as they are parallel to Route 66 and Phoenix Street.

Northwestern Arizona has a rich and diverse history, and this museum is a good place for anyone to learn more about it. I actually live in Kingman, AZ, So there is a lot I haven't seen yet, but this is one of the best places to learn about the history of Northwest Arizona and its people and culture.

Kingman Railway Museum is committed to preserving history and presenting history to local visitors, and these efforts have been fully appreciated. The Route 66 Museum displays dioramas, memorabilia and images from various decades associated with Route 66. Enjoy some of the crazy, unusual, educational and fun activities that are performed in Kingmen and other locals in the area.

Of course, it's more realistic to experience every part of Route 66 from any place that's comfortable, starting with the better parts. You could literally spend hours here, but a quick glance can be a good introduction to the history of the state's most famous road trip. Whether you're in town, whether you know it or not, Route66 will soon take you to ghosts and you could be on a road - a trip you shouldn't miss when exploring the geological wonders of our state.

The charm of this jewel of Arizona is a magnet that attracts the history, nature and beauty of the American West. In Arizona, many of the historic cities along Route 66 retain cultural roots that date back to before the route was established. Laughlin, a small community that emerged in 1880 with the construction of the Atlantic and Pacific Railways, is another notable stop on the famous Route 66, as it is easy to see the connection between its history and its current location. Fun boating, fishing and water skiing, it is located on the side of the Colorado River in Nevada, from where you have a great view of Las Vegas, the largest city in the state and one of its most popular destinations.

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More About Kingman