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I hope you enjoyed this article and, more importantly, learn to include Kingman, Arizona, in your list of places to visit next time you visit. If you're visiting or coming to the Grand Canyon, be sure to read my article about the Grand Canyon Las Vegas, where I'll tell you about the best places in town and the best experiences of the summer. You can also read that you should visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in New Mexico and the San Bernardino National Forest in California when you come.

Enjoy some of the crazy, unusual, educational and fun activities in Kingman and other local areas. Join me as I visit Route 66 in Flagstaff and travel the 147 miles of Arizona roads to Kingman. With all the geological wonders to explore in the state, you can't miss this road trip while visiting the Grand Canyon or taking a trip. Next time you go, take the time to visit the Royal Family and see for yourself.

Built in 1938 by a Las Vegas developer, this 66-room classic landmark was Arizona's first air-conditioned hotel. This is a really cool looking old hotel that has been trapped for some time. The historic Route 66 RV park is located in the heart of Kingman, a few miles from the Grand Canyon and a short drive from Flagstaff.

Now this is not exactly picturesque, but there are a lot of unique things to see when moving from Flagstaff to Route 66. The next stop brought a sense of nostalgia to our trip when we visited Williams, Arizona. On Route 67, a long and winding road from Prescott to Kingman, we lost hours and entered Arizona for the first time. First lieutenants Edward H. Dolan and his crew surveyed the 35th parallel of the wagon road and trudged to the current location of Kingmen, Arizona.

It has survived 51 years in the Arizona sun and has many unique accommodations and is located just a few miles south of Flagstaff on Route 66. The Arizona Grand Resort features a fantastic water park and is located right next to the Grand Canyon of the United States.

During the day, you can explore Oatman and more along Route 66 in Arizona and then come to this inviting campground. This cool and cool desert location in Kingman, Arizona, can be found for just $5 a day. They are located in the middle of the desert, right next to the Grand Canyon and just a few miles south of Flagstaff.

When venturing into the Painted Desert in eastern Arizona, it's not hard to imagine such bright colors in the desert rocks. The charm of this Arizona jewel is a magnet that will take you into the history, nature and beauty of the American West. Why you'll love it: You'll find the Grand Canyon Caverns, where you can visit some of America's largest dry caves. If you drive a short drive north to Chloride, AZ, you will find an almost ghostly town called Oatman, Arizona.

Why you'll love it: Tucked away in the mountains along the Colorado River, this small beach houses some of the finest sand dunes in Arizona, as well as a great beachfront restaurant.

To the west is Oatman Road and Cool Springs, and to the east is a gas station - which has turned into a museum. Kingman also has some great hiking trails to explore, such as the Grand Canyon Trail and the Arizona State Trail. For lovers of Route 66, it is a living tribute to "The Mother Road" and is celebrated every year when the Humbred vintage cars drive from Seligman to Topock, Arizona in their "Humbred classic cars." It boasts to be one of 158 original miles still running in Arizona, and has a total of 1,000 miles of paved road in the state.

The fun run begins at historic Arizona Route 66, which was shut down just before I-40 opened. From there you can venture down to the nearby Powerhouse building, where you can view the historic building and its history, as well as the visit of the original owners.

Located in the heart of downtown Kingman, just blocks from Arizona Route 66 Museum, it is dedicated to preserving history and showcasing it to local guests. The Route66 Museum in Arizona, opened in May 2001, shows the historical development and travel of Route 64. Housed in historic Harvey House, the museum offers a unique insight into the history of the road and the surrounding Mojave Desert, as well as its history as a tourist destination.

Outdoor enthusiasts can visit wilderness areas and hunt, fish, hike and visit historic sites near Kingman. Whether you're hiking for a few hours on a self-guided tour or decide to head off the beaten track to visit local bars and restaurants, Flagstaff is a great base for your Route 66.

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More About Kingman